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How much is a good honeymoon budget.

How much to allow for your honeymoon budget.

Honeymoon couples often start their search with a long list of must haves… Only to find what they really want and how much these things cost don’t always fit in their honeymoon budget.  Unless you’re well off, it’s almost impossible to check everything off a wish list. So what’s a couple to do?  Compromise on your budget….. on your honeymoon?   No worries, with a few adjustments you can travel without breaking the bank.

Think about these common concessions and what they mean to your dream honeymoon and you overall wedding budget. What would you want to keep no matter what the cost? What can you live without?

Compromise # 1: Beach Quality

Everyone dreams of white powdery sand through their toes, the problem, truly white powdery sand is a little harder to find than you might imagine. Slightly less desired beach can save hundreds. No I’m not talking a cliff, maybe it’s more of tan in color or has a few rocks or is only a football field long versus miles. If you come from the Midwest it’s still a better beach than you’ve seen before.

Compromise #2: Amenities

Services such as; unlimited al a carte gourmet dining, romantic Jacuzzi tub for 2 in your room, that suite located beachfront with the waves at your door, an exclusive private outdoor shower or 24 hour room service are great ways to make your trip special. These items also have a cost. Are you able to do without 24 hour room service? After all you can always get food yourself. That Jacuzzi for 2 may be hard to find in some modest budget resorts. Beachfront is always more than a garden view.

Compromise # 3: location, location, location

White sand beach

7 miles of powery beach

Location is important in home buying and it’s true for your honeymoon vacation as well. Destinations that are closer to home many times have less expensive flights. These destinations can offer you a better value. You may have your heart set on that overwater bungalow in beautiful Bora Bora. Once you find out the price tag for the average airline ticket is roughly $1600 a piece, you might change your mind quickly.

Compromise # 4: departure day

Weddings tend to be on Friday or Saturday and especially the months of June and July. Most couples want to travel for their honeymoon immediately after their ceremony. Changing this by just a couple of days can help you find better airfare prices. There’s actually no written rule that says you need to leave immediately after your wedding. Bonus, most resorts will still apply honeymoon amenities several months after the wedding within reason. Having a wedding over a major holiday like Thanksgiving or Christmas, take your honeymoon after the holidays are over and demand returns to normal.

No matter what your honeymoon budget, you can still have a fantastic trip; after all you’ll be with the love of your life. Knowing a few ways to adjust your wish list can help greatly.  Want to avoid having to adjust your wish list? Our next post will help you avoid having to compromise.

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