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Top Five Honeymoon Travel Tips.

TOP FIVE Honeymoon TRAVEL TIPS: (Good for regular vacations too)

Ah yes grasshopper, I have learned the hard way. A few tips from a pro about honeymoon travel, even the best laid plans can fail, to no fault of your own.

1) Always put some of each other’s clothes in the other’s checked bag as a precaution.

Never pack valuables such as jewelry and cameras. Pack a carry-on bag with valuables, prescriptions, toiletries, swimwear, travel documents, sunglasses and a change of clothes just in case you have to wait for your room or your luggage gets lost.

2) Don’t let $100 or $200 stop you from doing something you will always remember.

A romantic dinner at a fancy restaurant with spectacular views. A catamaran sailing on the open seas. Scuba diving an old ship wreck or swimming with Dolphins. This is your honeymoon! Every trip after this is just a vacation. You may never be able to do this again.Snuba Mexico underwater

3) If you can avoid it.

Don’t book your flight for EARLY the next morning after the wedding, particularly if you’re having a large evening reception. Once you finally get to sleep it may be hard to wake up at 4:30 a.m. for that early morning flight; or worse you may not even hear the alarm! Not a good start to your honeymoon.

4) Read your itinerary.

No matter where you purchase your trip from, proof read your invoice, and travel documents, the fine print. Most times small things can be corrected before larger issues arise. Travel dates of JUN and JUL are only 1 letter different or a simple click on the wrong month in a calendar.

5) Perfect honeymoons don’t just happen.

Perfect honeymoons have to be carefully planned. The more you do your honeymoon homework, the more romantic – and the more fun – your honeymoon will be. Find a good travel expert,  the services of an experienced travel agent can save you hundreds of hours and make everything flow. You will have oodles of other things having to do with your wedding to keep you busy. Let a travel expert worry about your honeymoon travel plans.

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