Your health- Traveling during Coronavirus fears, myths and facts

Your health while traveling is important. Not only does it really put a damper on your whole trip it can be worrisome. To help put your mind at ease we’ve have gathered facts from W.H.O (World Health Organization) and Harvard University about Coronavirus. Hopefully, this will help you understand the risks to your health and…

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Why do airline tickets prices change?

piggy bank

I’m asked this question a lot, definitely, one of our most frequently asked questions. There’s no one answer and no crystal ball to how or when flight prices will change. They do directly affect your whole trip of course. What you really need to know is that prices for airline tickets often change and there’s…

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What types of airline seats are there?

airplane taking off

What does this mean for your trip and wallet? It sounds so easy, jump on the internet and book an airline ticket. After all, when you call the airlines that’s what the automated recording tells you to do. So what kind of airline seats are there when you are just looking around? Being a trained travel…

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