What do you wear in the air?

What to wear in the air tips.

You’ve been planning your vacation for months. You’ve covered just about everything, yet when it’s time to leave you don’t feel quite right. Are you dressed “air appropriate” and what do you wear to fly now a days? Let’s face it, the spaciousness is gone on the aircraft these days, yet you don’t have to be entirely uncomfortable. Here’s a few tips to make your air travel more pleasant.

Cats crammed in a box

Flying coach today.

Breathe– This applies to your clothing, breathable fabrics such as cotton linens and other materials enhancer comfort level. Long flights in cramped spaces and tight clothes don’t go good together. Loose clothing helps your blood circulation and makes it easy to move around.  

Keep it cleanSmall spaces and strong scents don’t go well together. This pertains to the clothes you wear, the perfume ,cologne and lotion you apply as well. Others who you’re sharing your armrest with may not appreciate your fragrances, and may even cause problems for passengers with asthma or allergies.

 Step it upYour footwear is more important than you know. Not only may you have to stand in a long line, you hold up the line taking on and off cumbersome shoes at security. Flip-flops sounds like a great idea, however watch your toes when you’re in the crowded airport changing planes. Shoes that are comfortable and allow for a quick on-and-off are usually your best bet.

LayersThere is one thing always true with air travel. Temperatures on aircraft are always fluctuating. When you’re on the ground, waiting for take off, the plane can be hot, and as soon as you take off you are freezing. Wear layers so you can adjust as needed. And if you’re leaving Minnesota in the winter to someplace tropical, have the extra pair of shorts in your carry-on. You can change when you arrive in the airport.

Looking stylishWhile wearing jewelry through TSA line is not advised, you can keep such items handy in your purse or carry-on and put them on once your past security.

Flying with sensibility and comfort in mind is the perfect way to begin your travels.


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